If any set of people can tell you anything about how to deliver tight, energetic, power pop rock on record or in sleek live performances, it’s them.

Driven by singer-songwriter, producer and biological son of Maurice Gibb, Nick Endacott-Gibb and handsomely assisted by ex-Cure member Matt Hartley, now on bass, and a couple of seriously competent drummers – more of them later – The Speak have years of experience honing their art in the recording studio and while gigging with Dodgy, Dreadzone, Chris Difford, Peter Hook and the Light and The Christians.

The roots of The Speak are in 60’s influences, the golden age of British music. “But that’s the root, not our musical family tree,” Nick says. “So much was invented in the 60’s but there has been far more created since and we have absorbed and learned from every exciting idea there has been in the last six decades. That’s given us a platform from which we’ve launched The Speak and everything that’s unique about what we do.”

The Speak has been created by Nick to his design which means everything the band does – from playing his songs to him defining the sound in the studio – is coherent and consistent but always evolving.  

The two drummers working with The Speak are Violet Stow who also tours with Adam Bomb and has played with The Yardbirds and The Damned and Jon Barnett who also tours with Paul Draper (Mansun) and has worked with Depeche Mode and Steven Wilson.


  'I first became aware of The Speak when my friend, colleague, songwriter and fellow music producer, David Courtney (Leo Sayer, Roger Daltrey, et al), introduced me to them. David's not a man who is impressed by bands easily, so I knew they'd have to be something special when he insisted I go to see them perform.

  They seemed to effortlessly mix a blend of bygone classic rock styles, yet make it sound totally fresh and very twenty-first century. Performed expertly with real impact and a dynamic professionalism most new bands lack, these guys simply sound superb, with great songs to boot. If there's any justice, they should do great things!'

Paul Mex - Music Producer, Pop Culturist & Agent Provocateur. Brighton, UK.

The Speak review on power

The Speak are a Power Pop Rock band from Brighton UK. This classic guitar, bass and drums line-up of The Speak are all about tasteful harmonies, catchy lyrics and thumping rhythms to deliver a blistering live show. Having supported Dodgy, Peter Hook and the Light and Chris Difford from Squeeze, they recently launched their latest EP 'Say Yeah!' at The Cavern Club, Liverpool.

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